Black Swift Technologies

Black Swift Technologies

Founded in 2011, Black Swift Technologies LLC, develops custom unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solutions leveraging the SwiftCoreTM Flight Management System (FMS) consisting of the SwiftPilotTM autopilot system, the SwiftTabTM tablet-based user interface, the SwiftStationTM ground station, and application specific sensor integrations. The SwiftCoreTM FMS is designed to be modular, robust, and simple to operate allowing users to focus on data products.

In addition to the SwiftCore FMS, Black Swift Technologies has unique capabilities to develop and deploy advanced small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) due the team’s combined expertise in the design, implementation, and analysis of advanced “smart” control systems, expertise in legal and safe flight operations in the United States airspace, and their practical experience and knowledge from thousands of hours of UAS flight operations in demanding conditions. The SwiftCore FMS enables advanced control systems. These “smart” control systems provide industry leading sensor-based control of the UAS that minimizes operator workload while improving the quality of the observed data by autonomously modifying the flight path based on sensor inputs.

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Press Releases

June 17, 2019

Black Swift Technologies Developing Swarming Drones to Autonomously Track the Eyewall of Tropical Cyclones and Hurricanes

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Boulder, CO – (June 17, 2019) – Black Swift Technologies (BST), a specialized engineering firm based in Boulder, CO, announced today it has been awarded a NOAA contract to develop an air-deployed Read More..
July 3, 2019

Black Swift Technologies' CEO to Speak at the World Meteorological Organization UAV Workshop in Toulouse, France

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Black Swift Technologies (BST), a specialized engineering firm based in Boulder, CO, announced today that Jack Elston, Ph Read More..

September 9, 2019

AI and Machine Learning Enable Black Swift Technologies’ Emergency Safe Landing Functionality for UAS

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February 14, 2020

Introducing a 100% American-Made Drone Specifically Designed for Automated Structural/Industrial Inspections - NO open source software and NO Chinese components!

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Black Swift Technologies Unveils American-Made Quadcopter Specifically Designed for Automated Industrial Inspections Black Swift Technologi Read More..